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    Humphry creates clean powertrains for boats based on hydrogen fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries. With cheap and powerful automotive components Humphry powertrains offer better performance, with unmatched operating cost and no direct emissions. The modular architecture enables applications ranging from small recreational boats to commercial passenger vessels. By changing the way boats are powered, Humphry strongly contributes to the decarbonisation of maritime transportation.
    DAVY develops, produces and supports powertrains which are sold to ship yards & boat manufacturers (B2B). Profit is generated by the margin of approx. 30 % on every unit sold and additional 40 % of service-related revenues
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    PlanBlue (Old name: Hyper Survey)

    PlanBlue produces a unique and cost-efficient seafloor mapping technology: the HyperDiver. DiveRay technology creates unique, cost-efficient seafloor maps to solve present-day challenges. With this technology, the effects of climate change are visualised, interpreted and thus appropriate action can be taken. PlanBlue aims to become the standard in seafloor monitoring.
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    Nuventura is on a mission to transfer power to our homes safer, greener and more efficiently. The company pioneers in the research and development of innovative power grid technology and licenses its innovative intellectual property to a global network of production partners. By centralizing its knowledge, Nuventura helps to make clean energy technology more accessible.
  • 4 provides opti.node, a Software-as-a-Service for commercial optimization and management of microgrids. opti.node allows industrial and commercial customers to make best use of on-site power production and helps to reduce the energy bill and carbon footprint likewise.
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    envelio GmbH

    The energy transition requires more flexible energy grids to integrate millions of renewable energy resources. Grid operators’ IT systems and processes are not ready for this challenge. envelio provides the software as a service solution "Intelligent Grid Platform" to assist grid operators in the next phase of the energy transition.
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    TWAICE makes digital twins reality. TWAICE’s understanding of digital twins means merging domain specific knowledge with IoT and artificial intelligence. TWAICE's technology stack (on-board and cloud analytic software) enables to analyze, predict and optimize the overall state of health of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. This enables to detect failures much earlier and by optimizing operating strategies, charging processes and system limits, a significant lifetime extension of the batteries can be achieved. Thus, TWAICE saves battery and electric vehicle manufacturers time and money.
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    Two thirds of all food thrown away could be avoided. Reducing avoidable food waste prevents unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and helps restaurants to operate more cost efficiently. KITRO tackles this issue, by providing an automatic food waste management solution for the food and beverage industry. KITRO’s goal is to change the way that food waste is handled and brings back the value of food.
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    Refurbed GmbH

    Refurbed is an online-marketplace for refurbished electronics that allows customers to buy refurbished products from selected merchants. The products are of high quality, having at least a 1-year warranty, significantly cheaper than new products and highly sustainable. In the future, Refurbed aims to cover nearly all electronic products to address the big hidden environmental issue: e-waste.
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    Tracks is an inclusive young tech-startup, based in Berlin, serving the road freight and trucking industry. Tracks is one of the first platooning service providers in Europe or around the world. Their platooning services will help make trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair.
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    S O NAH

    S O NAH is a machine learning sensor-platform for the future city. S O NAH has developed platform and AI algorithms which can be trained to solve urban challenges, like reducing parking traffic and the energy consumption of streetlights. The team strives to connect sensors in cities to make cities smarter and more sustainable.
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    E-nable+ Online Services

    80% of all global pre-developed renewable energy projects fail due to pitfalls in project development, lack of know-how and awareness of developers in communication with investors and high market intransparency for investors. Alterdyne is a digital platform operated and developed by E-nable+ Online Services GmbH, helping developers to leverage projects to bankability status while connecting them with the best investors globally. The platform is a Software-as-a-Service Tool for Developers to collect, structure, validate and present project information in a professional way to investors and EPCs. On the other hand Alterdyne is a high-quality consultancy platform for investors to identify suitable business opportunities in a fast and efficient way.
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    KOMP-ACT produces fully integrated electric actuators within the same price range of pneumatics ones, with the same dimensions and lightweight. In the global world that we live in, packages are everywhere, from mail, to supermarkets, to pharma to electronics. Grand scale packaging requires costly machines to assemble, fill, seal, label and code. KOMP-ACT reduces the energy costs for the automation industry and its carbon footprint by up to 49 millions of tons of CO2 per year.
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    CAPMO Group

    CAPMO is an artificial intelligence based software-as-a-service tool for construction monitoring, issue and task management - enabling efficient and sustainable construction. CAPMO can be used on construction sites as well as in the office. By using CAPMO, overall construction costs and resources can be reduced by 7%.
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    MAIOT is using machine learning and advanced analytics to predicting the maintenance of trucks. Fleet managers operate multiple truck brands and models. MAIoT’s software offers them a multi-brand solution. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are able to predict breakdowns on the road to prevent late deliveries or interruptions of the cooling chain. MAIOT simplifies the daily routine of maintenance scheduling, reduce the operating costs and keep the truck on the road where it belongs.
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    Kraftblock's high-temperature heat storage tanks recycle thermal energy from industrial waste heat or sunlight at temperatures of up to 1,300°C. This is unique in the market for heat storages and only possible as Kraftblock applies a nanotechnological processes that combines stony storage material with properties of technical ceramics.
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    Worldwide, about 14 % of electricity is used on lighting. LEDCity is a startup from the Technopark Zürich, supported by the Swiss Climate Foundation and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Their goal is to significantly reduce energy consumption in the lighting sector. For this purpose, the startup developed autonomous LED tubes, which were designed as 1 to 1 replacement for fluorescent tubes. The autonomous LED tubes decide when and how much light is needed and collect data, reducing energy consumption by 90% on average.
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    LEAFTECH's virtual sensors monitor and predict a building facade's energy balance without adding additional hardware.
    Taking into account influence factors such as surrounding buildings and weather conditions, they enable enhanced building design and control.
    Virtual sensors increase energy efficiency and comfort, reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate hardware-related costs for facade sensors.
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    kiteKRAFT's kites generate energy cleanly and cost efficiently, and are more economic than fossil alternatives. A power-generating tethered, autonomous electric aircraft is flown circles and acts like the blade tips of a conventional wind turbine. These generate the majority of energy as they sweep larger areas, braked by small onboard wind turbines. This "kite power plant" therefore generates energy effectively and economically.
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    Aging infrastructure, extreme weather patterns, and urbanization challenge today’s urban drainage systems. Using artificial intelligence, Hades supports cities in maintaining and managing their urban drainage systems and thereby aims to make cities more sustainable and resilient.
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    ecoworks provides end-to-end refurbishment solutions to housing associations and house owners with over 5,000 units. Based on the Dutch Energiesprong concept, ecoworks installs prefabricated facade and roof elements in much shorter project cycles than conventional insulation technologies. A roof will contain sufficient PV panels and electricity storage to reach the NetZero energy standard.
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    BATREMAN remanufactures batteries from electric vehicles. Therefore the startup takes used batteries, analyses them, and makes the best decisions for each component’s recovery strategy. The batteries are disassembled, sorted, and remanufactured. New batteries can then be built, and remaining components follow specific recycling routes.
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    DABBEL's AI-Autonomous Building Management System reduces energy and operational costs and ensures a healthy environment for tenants. DABBEL is the only Building Management System on the market able to dynamically adapt and learn without needing human interaction. It makes its own decisions through a self-learning, self-adapting, and self-configuring system with cognitive artificial intelligence. This way, it saves large amounts of energy that are spent unnecessarily and inefficiently. It fights climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and creates a healthy environment for the people inside the building.
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    neofizient wants to become the enabler for energetic refurbishments. neofizient delivers an objective, convenient, and economic digital energetic building model as an automated service. The digital building model is created through a fusion of data collected by our easy-to-use, low-cost, and hand-held measurement system. The service enables homeowners to easily identify and prioritize the parts of their homes that need energetic refurbishment and helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from heating and cooling systems. The service includes energy consultants, real estate firms, and utility companies.
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    Gaia Membranes

    Gaia Membranes develops and supplies high-performance ion exchange membranes based on proprietary technology. The first product eliminates capacity fading and boosts round-trip efficiency in vanadium flow batteries, reducing the cost of energy storage by over 20%. Produced from cheap chemicals through a highly scalable process, the low-cost membrane finally enables affordable energy storage.
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    Kaffeeform offers a plant-based material alternative to replace conventional plastics based on crude oil. The company recycles coffee grounds for its overall recipe. The current product range includes a range of coffee cups and saucers plus a reusable coffee cup to reduce the increasing numbers of disposable waste.
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    MonitorFish's technology enables fish farming companies to maintain healthy fish welfare in a simple and precise manner. The proprietary cloud-based, AI-software analyzes water quality, fish movement, growth and behavioural patterns to detect and counteract early signs of stress among fish in a timely manner. Such knowledge allows customers to take preventive action, thus reducing fish mortality up to 40% while improving health conditions in fish culture.
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    Thermal insulation materials are mostly flammable, toxic and having high carbon footprint due to the production process. After the London Grenfell fire in 2017 and the Paris agreement on climate change in 2015, there are increasing demands for non-flammable and green insulation materials. To address this need, a new type of non-flammable insulation foam is developed at ETH Zurich. The foam is produced from non-toxic mineral waste and yields low CO2 emissions during production.

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    GRZ Technologies

    GRZ Technologies Ltd. is a company active in the field of renewable energy storage. Two products were released in 2017: a Hydrogen Compressor (HyCo) and an Advanced Gas Analysing System (AGAS). Both products are laboratory equipment for the scientific community as well as for quality control in industry. The company is also active in the development and realization of hydrogen-based energy storage systems and is currently working on the construction of a pilot plant.
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    Swiss Vault

    Swiss Vault Systems designs and builds economical data storage systems. Their vision is to disrupt the economics of data management and enable organizations to save and access every piece of data forever - with high security. Swiss Vault System's design philosophy has enabled them to build systems which use low power consumption, are small in size, and lightweight in comparison to conventional data storage racks. The long-lasting units reduce e-waste and, with the built-in security, allow any organization to efficiently manage their data assets at lowest total cost of ownership.
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    HYDROGRID’s automated software as a service solution enables small hydro power plants to maximise revenues, from their generation, through effective asset optimisation. By raising the efficiency and profitability of renewable energy, HYDROGRID aims to encourage additional investment in hydro generation assets and unlock the green battery across Europe, contributing towards the energy transition to a carbon free future.
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    AgroSustain aims to reduce food wastage by developing and bringing to market efficient organic treatments against molds. The start-up has developed a method to detect plant-based toxins against some of the most common agronomical fungi. The first product from the University of Lausanne spin-off is based on two natural plant extracts and extends the shelf life of vegetables, berries, fruit, and cut flowers by at least a week.
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    Ridetronic with a total weight of 13 kg, the TronicDrive-Bike is 50 % lighter than conventional e-bike models. Its minimal weight enables a perfect and easy everyday use as well as an ideal riding behaviour. The innovative and fully integrated drive technology leads to a simple and elegant design. The battery can be fully charged within 2 hours and enables ranges of more than 60 km. Via the smartphone-app the level of electrical support can be perfectly adjusted.
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    ESG Plus GmbH (formerly ESG+)

    Our vision ist to „clean financial markets“ ( by making financial products (funds) transparent to the public (private investors like you and me). Together with leading environmental NGOs we will develop an online tool, that allows you to match your personal values (e.g. low carbon, fossil-free, nuclear-free etc.) with the best investment opportunities in the market. We have a subscription based business model for regular, in-depth users for 5-8 Euro per month (with a freemium-version for basic functionality). On the B2B-side we sell data-packages to asset managers for a yearly fee of €20.000-30.000 per client. We will also certify truely „clean“ funds together with our NGO-partners on the basis of the top-ranking funds. Re. impact: The dirtiest 30 funds in Austria finance 86 Mt of CO2 if we shift 10% to fossil-free funds, this saves the yearly emissions of 1 mio. Austrians!