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    CirPlus connects buyers and sellers of recycled materials, leverages AI to predict quality, quantity and prices and reduces carbon emissions by replacing virgin with recycled content.
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    Alcemy is a venture-backed AI startup enabling cement & concrete producers to not produce excessively strong concrete anymore. Using Alcemy's software, producers of cement and concrete get precise quality predictions before they ship out their products - for the first time in history. Together with process parameter suggestions, this enables producers to counterbalance fluctuations from the limestone and the cement, and ultimately leads the way to strength-on-point, use-specific concrete.
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    ORBEM was created to deliver innovative solutions for two pressing problems in the poultry industry: the wasting of 9 billion infertile eggs and the unnecessary killing of 7 billion 1-day-old male chicks. We are building the ORBEM Genus, A.I. powered imaging technology that classifies eggs in three: infertile, males and females. The Genus combines cutting-edge MRI with advanced deep learning to deliver a contactless, harmless, and fully automated process.
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    With triply it is our goal to reduce environmental pollution and accidents caused by the use of cars. Furthermore, we want to fight migration into cities. Therefore, we offer a web service that automatically plans data-based mobility concepts to introduce new possibilities of on-demand transport for events and at a later stage public transportation in general.
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    Concrete producers use our containerized technology to turn CO2 into circular concrete. We earn recurring revenues by marketing CO2 certificates that are created in the process.
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    Rebel Meat

    We offer a healthy and sustainable solution to reduce meat intake while maintaining the sensory experience and nutritional value of meat: a plant-based meat enhancer that replaces up to 70% of minced meat in dishes like burger patties. Our unique recipe consists of cooked mushrooms to replicate the meaty texture, plant proteins to complement the amino acid profile of meat and umami-rich spices such as tomato paste and fried onions that round up the taste.
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    Flying wind turbines for your farm, your factory, your island grid, and many more applications.
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    With our composting-toilets want to kick chemical toilets - worldwide and even be a proper alternative for water-closets. We have a very mobile Solution which has a lot of advantages - the most impressive is probably the possibility of reuse the collected waste as toxic free fertilizer.
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    eFriends Energy

    eFriends provides a platform that allows sharing energy in a community possible and makes energy consumption more exciting and for everyone available. eFriend's innovation is proprietary hardware and software modules that can be inexpensively installed in every household. These offer the possibility for consuming self-produced photovoltaic power regardless of location or being able to offer it to someone else. From now on, everyone can purchase pure solar energy completely independent of whether one lives in a flat or a house. Our community approach makes it possible to connect consumers and producers and build your own energy network.
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    Freyzein - Circular Outdoor Apparel

    We create high-performance outdoor apparel, which is groundbreaking in terms of circularity and biodegradability. Our products are made out of natural fibers and biodegradable fabrics. We are working on our own material technology. Every part of our products are either biodegradable or will be repaired, reused or recycled. Our products are inspired by the cradle-to-cradle philosophy and by nature.
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    GREENPASS® is the first all-in-one Software as a Service (SaaS) for effective climate-resilient urban planning and architecture. It‘s the missing link between the planning world and the scientific simulation of climatic impacts - powered by ENVI-met®. GREENPASS® allows municipalities, developers and planners to optimize the impact and cost-effectiveness of climate-resilient measures in each phase of urban planning and development worldwide - to enable livable cities.
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    Over 10% of the energy consumed worldwide is due to industrial separation processes like the purification of chemicals and energy carriers. UniSieve developed an innovative membrane platform technology that promises to increase yields, lower costs, and CO2 emissions. The UniSieve technology works as an add-on unit, and can flexibly increase profitability and sustainability of a variety of existing separation processes, but also is promising to act as an enabler for renewable technologies.
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    We chemically recycle post-consumer PET plastic back to its main chemical components. These raw materials can then be used to make new virgin PET plastic items.
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    Libattion is an innovative lithium battery provider accelerating the global shift to a more sustainable energy storage technology. With battery recycling company partners in Switzerland we have developed an innovative battery processing technique in which used batteries are tested and selected for further reuse in other applications such as stationary energy storage systems and industrial applications. We can provide smarter, cost-effective and safer batteries while ensuring highest quality. Our vision is to improve the circular economy of batteries in order to reduce the environmental impact in the world.
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    Sooqua - Smart Water Networks

    Sooqua uses Machine-Learning algorithms to analyze sensordata from water networks in order to localize leakage in an early stage, show the networks status in real-time and predict when and where a pipe is going to burst. With our combination of different algorithms we have a higher precision in leakage localization. Thus water suppliers reduce their repairment costs and minimize water losses. We make repairments plannable.
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    Dycle Diaper Cycle

    DYCLE aims to be one of the world’s first fully zero-waste, systemic production company for baby diapers. Breaking new ground, by developing a value-chain with multiple income streams - producing high quality ecological products, at competitive prices, whilst building community along the way. DYCLE builds communities around parents and babies, offering a 100% bio-based and compostable diaper inlay. The inlays are collected within the community and transformed into high quality soil substrate. This soil substrate is then used to support the growth of newly planted fruit and nut trees, closing the loop in the cycle.
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    Helios Aircargo Network

    Our neutral B2B platform brings airlines together with airlines and with forwarders. Booking a route, containing multiple flights of different airlines is made as simple as booking an Uber. We will save huge amounts of Carbondioxide by optimizing loadfactors and routes.
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    betteries is much more than a battery, it is a modular and multipurpose power system. Advanced technology enables upcycling of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries to bring affordable, mobile and powerful energy storage to grid and off-grid customers worldwide. Each betteries system can store up to 12 kWh of energy, offers fast charging capability and can flexibly deliver up to 5 kW of electric AC as well as DC power. Rugged and waterproof, betteries can be used at home, at work, and on the road. Our innovative business model embraces circular economy principles and significantly lowers cost for customers while delivering scalable CO2 savings and protecting scarce resources.
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    Bloom Biorenewables

    Bloom is a Swiss chemical company that mines high-value chemicals in agroforestry wastes streams with unprecedented efficiency. Bloom develops bio-economy by providing cost-competitive renewable alternatives to fossil resources.
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    Increasing population, life expectancy and income are major drivers for rising global meat demand. However, the current scale of the meat industry is beyond sustainable. We at Planted have the solution: we skip the animal and make healthy, nutritious and cruelty-free ‘meat’ directly from plants. Our technology allows us to mimic the fiber structure and length of various meat types, to flexibly choose the protein source and to add the juiciness consumers miss with conventional meat analogues.
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    Peregrine Technologies

    The Berlin-based company Peregrine provides artificial intelligence from street-level video. A new data-driven approach that will improve traffic safety as well as decrease congestion and emissions in cities worldwide. Peregrine uses latest methods from computer vision and machine learning for deep scene understanding in real-time. Therefore, the team maximizes the value of existing perception systems in today's vehicles and adds their own classification, fusion and scene analytics solutions.
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    fold AI

    Aja is foldAI’s main product which provides a framework for ecosystem management based on deep technologies. By harnessing state-of-art Machine Learning on precise, real-time sensor data, Aja can not only detect forest threats as they happen but even predict their emergence and forecast their development. The system equips forest managers with a rich understanding of their forest ecosystems and a decision toolbox to deploy immediate mitigating actions. Aja improves forest health, resilience and bioeconomical performance by introducing lean processes to a broad ecosystem management community.