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  • bikuh - pedal for payback

    bikuh connects the advertising industry with bicycle riders. Anyone owning a bike can place an advertisement on it and in return gets paid up to 20 cents for each ridden kilometre. This financial incentives motivates people to rider more often their bike and less their car. It is scientifically proven that it works and thus we save CO2 emissions. And advertisers profit from advertisements that are mobile and are ridden directly by their target group. Through an app bikuh tracks each ride and allows for digital analysis tools of the exposure of the campaign that are unknown to outdoor advertisement.
  • Faunder Energy GmbH

    Faunder is building sensor networks to monitor energy appliances and control them more efficiently
  • Blue Inductive GmbH

    Blue Inductive is a startup by former Fraunhofer employees and offers wireless charging systems with different power levels to efficiently recharge mobile robots and electric vehicles. The innovative etaLINK technology by Blue Inductive offers efficiencies far above 90% and is compatible with all modern battery technologies including supercaps.

    With CAALA® architects can calculate and compare in seconds millions of building variants with regards to energy demand, CO2-emissions, investment and operational costs. Our SaaS solution assists architects in optimizing building designs in the early development phases by providing life cycle assessment on design variants considering all relevant design parameters. With CAALA the environmental footprint can be lowered (up to 40% less CO2-emissions) and the value of the building project increased (up to 30% less life-cycle costs).
  • ChargeX

    ChargeX - we develop a power strip to connect multiple electric cars to a single charging station. We thereby solve the problem of fully charged cars blocking the charging station. Our product allows a mostly automated plug-in process creating multiple charge points at low costs from a single charging station. Our target customers are EV owners and infrastructure providers, such as car park operators. The value we create for users of electric cars is a high availability of charging stations wherever they arrive. For infrastructure providers, we increase the utilization of individual charging stations, therefore reducing the overall costs of providing sufficient charging infrastructure in the future. Our milestones for 2017 are to finalize our prototype, get into the EXIST program, found our company and have the partners to start pre-production.

  • CleanSquare Robotics GmbH

    We are currently developing our first full scale product and plan to demonstrate it publicly in summer 2017. Our expertise is in software enigneering and machine learning. CleanSquare is entirely self-funded and would like to raise our first investment round in autumn 2017.
    CleanSquare collaborates with vehicle manufacturers and has two main revenue streams: Sofware licensing and business support. We jointly develop autonomous sweepers and enable end-customers to save up to 45% per m² cleaned. This allows us to charge up to 100'000 EUR per vehicle sold for our technology.
  • DAVY

    DAVY creates clean powertrains for boats based on hydrogen fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries. With cheap and powerful automotive components DAVY powertrains offer better performance, with unmatched operating cost and no direct emissions. The modular architecture enables applications ranging from small recreational boats to commercial passenger vessels. By changing the way boats are powered, DAVY strongly contributes to the decarbonisation of maritime transportation.
    DAVY develops, produces and supports powertrains which are sold to ship yards & boat manufacturers (B2B). Profit is generated by the margin of approx. 30 % on every unit sold and additional 40 % of service-related revenues

  • E²T - Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

    The technological basis of our plug&play storage device is a patented measurement technology, that is able to detect the electricity consumption within the household from the plug of the device itself. The system consists of a small photovoltaic panel and the storage device. As soon as the consumer plugs it in, the PV generates electricity which is stored in the battery pack and at the
    moment electricity is consumed anywhere in the household, the devices detects it and electricity will be supplied back to the household grid.
    With our unique system, we enable PV applications in smaller scales, especially for existing households in urban areas.
  • erdbeerwoche GmbH

    erdbeerwoche (strawberry week) is an innovative e-commerce platform for sustainable feminine hygiene.
  • ESG Plus GmbH (formerly ESG+)

    Our vision ist to „clean financial markets“ ( by making financial products (funds) transparent to the public (private investors like you and me). Together with leading environmental NGOs we will develop an online tool, that allows you to match your personal values (e.g. low carbon, fossil-free, nuclear-free etc.) with the best investment opportunities in the market. We have a subscription based business model for regular, in-depth users for 5-8 Euro per month (with a freemium-version for basic functionality). On the B2B-side we sell data-packages to asset managers for a yearly fee of €20.000-30.000 per client. We will also certify truely „clean“ funds together with our NGO-partners on the basis of the top-ranking funds. Re. impact: The dirtiest 30 funds in Austria finance 86 Mt of CO2 if we shift 10% to fossil-free funds, this saves the yearly emissions of 1 mio. Austrians!
  • Food & Energy Campus Groß-Gerau GmbH & Co.KG

    The Food & Energy Campus aims to interconnect different branches of agriculture in order to produce high quality food for the region in a resource efficient manner. We question conventional concepts of agriculture and develop new methods and technologies to ameliorate the production system. Companies with expertise in different fields of agriculture like greenhouse technologies, aquaculture, biogas production and soil substrate production, combine their knowledge in a network for a sustainable food production.
  • Gelatex Technologies

    Gelatex is an eco-friendly leatherlike textile that is chemically identical to leather. The material is produced using only natural non-toxic substances and gelatin that is made of waste of meat industries. Gelatex is affordable eco-textile that is easy to produce in big quantities and therefore suitable for mass fashion or furniture brands.
    BUSINESS MODEL: Gelatex Technologies supplies gelatin from gelatin factories and uses that to produce leatherlike textile Gelatex. Gelatex can be sold to several sewing industry companies, but target market is mass fashion or furniture brands.
    VISION: We plan to have first sewable samples by Q4 of 2017 and enter to the market of mass fashion brands by Q4 of 2018. Our vision is to be known world widely as an eco-friendly alternative to leather and earn 4 million euros of profit in 2022
  • Greenwell2Greenhouse

    The core solution is to use existing high value resources (wells that are several 1000 meters deep) and instead of abandoning them to re-use them for the generation of geothermal energy. By that, geothermal heat becomes available at competitive prices to farmers to substitute fossil fuel. This further allows increasing the ability to self-supply with vegetables and fruits in Central or Northern European cities during colder periods. Thus, large amounts of transportation-related GHG emissions can be eliminated.

  • Hawa Dawa

    Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk of our time. More than 90% of all cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants do not uphold WHO air quality guidelines, causing millions of premature deaths every year. Fixing this problem requires a vast amount of air quality data, which traditional solutions cannot yield. Hawa Dawa developed a new bottom-up air quality monitoring technique that provides remote, real-time & in-situ air quality data anywhere & anytime. Risk-groups, such as Asthmatics, COPD patients, children and pregnant women can finally control their air pollution exposure, while policy makers can make impactful and informed decisions to improve urban air quality. At the heart of our solution lays our CE-certified sensor node, which has been endorsed by top industry scientists as being both accurate and state-of-the-art. Combined with artificial intelligence, it is a
  • Infinite Fingers GmbH

    Cloud-based Monitoring and Control Solutions for Off-Grid Power Systems<br>We help off-grid operators to keep systems up & running for their entire lifespan by offering a platform which can integrate technology from any manufacturer.<br>
    By streamlining data analysis and visualization into a single platform, we enable detailed understanding of the whole system as well as remote management and configuration

    JOYCE is the world’s first scent-based retronasal drinking system which makes it possible to drink pure water while enjoying a delicious taste.
    The JOYCE drinking system adds scented air to pure drinking water. While drinking, a mixture of air and water reaches the mouth where the air separates from the water and is retronasally perceived as flavor. The effect is amazing! While drinking pure water free from additives, sugar, calories or aromas one can still enjoy various delicious tastes.
    With JOYCE, we tackle two major problems of our time. The wasteful cycle of using one way drinking bottles and health problems caused by unhealthy drinks.
    We will generate two separate streams of income. One results out of selling the drinking system itself, the other one from continuously selling the aroma pods which last for about 20l of water.
  • Manticore It GmbH -, vertical barrel

    The aponix vertical barrel takes the defacto standard equipment in mordern horticulture to the next level enabling users to set up grow spaces not only in 2D but in a flexible vertical 3D way. Cultivation area is translated from flat surface to the surface of barrel like towers, of which the height is flexible adding more grow spaces with additional height. The concept abstracts the barrel down to basically one lego like shape being 1/6th of a ring segment of a barrel. Each of the parts provides adapters on its surface. 6 of these parts are assembled into a ring segment, and any number of ring segments are then stacked as high as there can be beneficial atmosphere created for the cultivation of a crop.
  • Nano-Join GmbH

    We have the green alternative to solder, which has superior properties to those interconnections made from lead/tin-solder! Our
    sinter paste can be processed on using the exact same machines as in the former used soldering processes, but the resulting
    products are green and long life approved.
    We improve the heat issues by factor 20, improve the resitance by factor 12 and therefore can prolong the lifetime of electronic
    components up to 10 times!

    Let's change cities.
    NÜWIEL's vision is to free cities from traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.
    We produce e-powered bicycle trailers for the last mile delivery.
    NÜWIEL's unique technology enables the trailer to know exactly when to accelerate, decelerate and brake. The trailer takes the load away and empowers you to freely move through the city you live in.
  • prosumergy GbR

    prosumergy equips buildings, used by multiple tenants, with PV systems for on-site consumption of locally produced energy. In doing so, they act both as PV project developer and green electricity provider: They identify operating sites, put up and run PV systems adjusted to local needs and sell solar power directly to tenants.<br>
    Moreover, prosumergy opens up investment opportunities in local energy provision for citizens as well as businesses in the places they live and operate. Hence, prosumergy upgrades the built environment and promotes sustainable cities. Prosumergy integrates solar energy into urban infrastructure to foster citizens’ participation in the “Energiewende”
  • PYDRO GmbH

    pydro develops a smart plug and play turbine to recovery energy from the differential pressure in water pipe networks which would otherwise be lost. The main advantages of pydro's technology is the compact design which reduces installation costs and the pitch control which increases the energy efficiency rate.
  • ReLaDe OÜ

    Reusable Laundry Detergent (ReLaDe) changes the concept of how laundry is done. It is the basis for the first reusable laundry detergent system in the world. Chemical detergents are toxic and harm reproductive health when spread into the water ecosystem. Instead of these toxic compounds, biological enzymes can be used without any loss of performance and with lower energy consumption.To address this issue, we use magnetic nanoparticles to bind enzyme molecules and magnetize them. The resulting magnetic detergent molecules can be easily removed from waste water via magnetic force and reused in subsequent wash cycles for months. Thus, we have redesigned the laundry detergent concept, creating a sustainable, reusable product which, if produced on an industrial scale and adopted into wide-spread use, could have significant positive health and environmental implications.
  • Seensy

    Energy efficiency is an untapped potential in nearly all companies, building and infrastructure operators, municipalities, as well as private households.
    Additionally, it is one of the top priorities of the agenda of the European Union and all energy providers.
    The unique approach of Seensy includes not only outstanding technology (AI, Big data, IoT), but also a human-centric approach based on techniques to change the behaviour regarding the use of energy.
    This approach/combination can save 30-50% of energy in most environments.
    Seensy offers this services in a risk sharing business model, where the energy savings are covering more than the project expenses.
  • SirPlus UG (haftungsbeschränkt) i.G.

    SirPlus massively saves and reduces B2B surplus food by matching supply and demand efficiently through our secondary market (digital marketplace) for surplus food. We bring wonky and expired food back into the circular economy (B2C & B2B).
    We receive surplus food from retailers, logistics players and producers for free and sell it at discount prices through our store, delivery and online shop. Of all food provided to us, we will distribute 20% to NGOs for free.
    We have received a €100k loan to start operations and convinced 4 major supply partners who committed us surplus food worth 6-7 digits in 2017. Further, we have acquired a strong same-day-delivery partner in Berlin. Our aim is to save >500 tons of food in 2017. Overall, there is huge potential in the EU with 50% food waste while >40% of it is still eatable, thus a theoretical market potential of food worth >40 bn €.
  • Solabolic GmbH

    Based on a revolutionary concept, Solabolic parabolic trough will lead to a paradigm shift in the solar thermal industry. Its unique, patented design enables, on the one hand, to realize much larger collectors, while preventing the focus deviation due to wind loads, and eliminating inefficiency of large collectors and on the other hand, to avoid expensive and complicated manufacturing processing, which maximises the local content, especially in the developing countries (with the world's greatest solar resources) and supports the political decision in these countries towards solar energy, as we offer an economic advantage of manufacturing the collectors for the most part locally. All this leads to a significant reduction of the energy costs and accelerates the use of solar energy.
  • Tausendundein Dach

    We are going to build 1001 solar power plants on top of 1001 business roofs in Austria. All of them will produce solar energy at or below grid parity. While doing that we will build up the strongest network of decentralized power producers and have the ability to also take part in the energy market as soon as it allows small player to have a say in that business. We prepare for virtual power networks, are ready for anything blockchain technology will have to offer and will organize everything a power plant producer will need in the future. Maintenance, Cleaning, Energy contracts etc.
  • twingz development GmbH

    To make the next generation demand response with smart loads a reality, twingz offers eInsight services family which is a stack of SaaS RESTful IT Services which allow corporations to track critical information paths and act on analytical prediction services. This makes available up to 80% better day ahead prediction which in turn can be leveraged to save millions of energy costs for energy companies.
    With eInsight FF corporations can access fast and fresh data streams of any meter / sensor they have in field. eInsight 2D adds “per appliance meta data” and offer a SaaS day ahead predictor based on that. E.g. to be aware and predict activity of car charging sites in field without necessity of deploying additional sensors. With twingz eInsight 3D we add socio-demographic data and behavioural analysis to make predictions even better and also finetune “the weight and impact”
  • ZOLAR GmbH

    As an online provider of solar systems ZOLAR enables residential home owners to take the first step towards energy self-sufficiency. Based on the configuration of individual solar systems we foster the self-supply of clean electricity, heat and mobility.