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    Tracks aims to make trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair. The company activates data available from trucks and their environment with machine learning methods to predict the fuel consumption of trucks and to provide visibility of the factors that impact it. Based on these predictive fuel analytics, Tracks’ services provide truck fleet operators with context-aware actionable insights on how to achieve fuel savings, reduce CO2-emissions, and increase financial margins.
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    Kraftblock's high-temperature heat storage tanks recycle thermal energy from industrial waste heat or sunlight at temperatures of up to 1,300°C. This is unique in the market for heat storages and only possible as Kraftblock applies a nanotechnological processes that combines stony storage material with properties of technical ceramics.
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    Leaftech creates a digital twin of the target building including geometrical, metrological, and thermal charatristics. According to our customers' requirments, virtual sensors are positioned on the digital twin to conduct automated simulation. The results are provided to the customer via Leaftech’s webplatform to improve the building design, or directly to the building automation system via API to enable proactive and energy efficient control.
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    A power-generating kite (tethered, autonomous electric aircraft) is flown in figure eights or circles and is like the blade tips of a conventional wind turbine. These generate the majority of the energy as they sweep the largest area. Instead of a large generator on a tower, the kite is braked generatively by small onboard wind turbines. A "kite power plant" therefore only uses the most effective parts to generate energy. In particular, the tower is replaced by a light tether. Electrical power is transmitted by electrical cables integrated in the tether. The kite takes off and lands like a helicopter by reusing the onboard wind turbines as propellers. A kite power plant can generate energy cleanly and cost efficiently, also more economic than fossil alternatives.
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    Europe's public urban drainage systems cover a total of 2,500,000 km. These systems are currently challenged by ageing infrastructure, urbanisation and the increase in heavy rainfall. Hades meets these challenges through the use of deep learning techniques, cloud computing and data analysis to help cities become more sustainable and resilient.
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    DABBEL is an AI-Autonomous Building Management System with the ability to self-manage building control systems more efficiently than any human. Controls include, but are not limited to, building temperature, ventilation and lighting. It makes its own decisions, through a self-learning, self-adapting and self-configuring system with cognitive artificial intelligence. DABBEL reduces implementation, energy and operational costs (20-40%) and simultaneously increases the wellness and productivity of tenants providing a healthy environment. DABBEL can transform your office building into an AI Self-Driving building in just 2 weeks!
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    Lumoview Building Analytics

    Lumoview fills the void of data of existing buildings by delivering clear and objective analyses of buildings through a rapid and economic analysis-as-a-service. This service is created through an easy-to-use indoor measurement system that has been developed for use by lay persons. The measured data is then processed in an automatized online data fusion and can be visualized in 2D or 3D to make the results more tangible.
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    Gaia Membranes

    At Gaia Membranes we envision a future where renewable energy is always available, even when the sun is not shining, and the wind not blowing. Our Amphion™ ion exchange membranes unlock up to 20% higher efficiency in Vanadium redox flow batteries, thus reducing the levelised cost of storage by up to 10%. That's how we help to accelerate the replacement of dirty fossil generators with clean renewables and storage.
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    Our technology helps fish farming companies to maintain the health of fish in a simple and precise manner. Our proprietary cloud-based software AnFish © provides real-time monitoring and analysis of fish ponds in terms of water quality, fish movements, growth and behavioural patterns so that early signs of stress can be detected and counteracted in a timely manner. This information will be made available to the customer to enable him to take preventive measures, which should ultimately lead to a 40% lower mortality rate and generally improve the health situation in fish culture.
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    The mission of FenX is to provide innovative and high impact solutions which involve transversally the society, improve the current safety standards and challenge the current market offer with high-tech and cost-efficient insulating materials.

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    GRZ Technologies

    GRZ Technologies Ltd. is a company active in the field of renewable energy storage. Two products were released in 2017: a Hydrogen Compressor (HyCo) and an Advanced Gas Analysing System (AGAS). Both products are laboratory equipment for the scientific community as well as for quality control in industry. The company is also active in the development and realization of hydrogen-based energy storage systems and is currently working on the construction of a pilot plant.
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    Swiss Vault

    Swiss Vault is developing the best-in-class solution for storage of large data. Genomics, Telecommunications, Seismic, Astronomy all require an exceptional storage archetype that also enables demanding data access and analysis operations. Our unique hardware design and software setup ensures rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage at very low energy consumption. By reducing space and energy, we reduce the carbon footprint for data storage.
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    With our unique Software as a Service Solution “HYDROGRID INSIGHT”, for optimal hydro forecasting & power plant control, the generation flexibility already existing in small hydro storages will become practically accessible as ‘green battery of Europe’. Our services allow power plant operators to increase their production volume, automate their daily processes and can raise their revenues, through the optimal dispatch, by up to 16%. By promoting the efficiency & profitability of renewable energy, HYDROGRID aims to encourage additional investment in hydro generation assets, enabling the energy transition to a carbon free future.
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    AgroSustain is developing and commercializing novel, efficient, plant-inspired treatments against a broad range of plant fungal pathogens for post-harvest applications on fruits and vegetables.
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    MeduSoil delivers the world’s first bio-based carbon mineralization agents for ground stabilization solutions. The EPFL spin-off commercializes a liquid solution which reacts with the ground and stabilizes it to enable contractors build on solid foundations and protect infrastructures against major threats such as earthquakes, soil erosion and landslides.
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    CirPlus connects buyers and sellers of recycled materials, leverages AI to predict quality, quantity and prices and reduces carbon emissions by replacing virgin with recycled content.
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    Alcemy is a venture-backed AI startup enabling cement & concrete producers to not produce excessively strong concrete anymore. Using Alcemy's software, producers of cement and concrete get precise quality predictions before they ship out their products - for the first time in history. Together with process parameter suggestions, this enables producers to counterbalance fluctuations from the limestone and the cement, and ultimately leads the way to strength-on-point, use-specific concrete.
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    We provide daily understanding of terrain conditions such as snow cover, soil moisture or chlorophylle levels by processing & aggregating satellite and ground data powered by machine learning, enabling innovative mapping and insurance products that prevent life and economic losses from envisageable climate change.
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    VitreaLab is a research and development company focused on innovative photonic solutions for the lightning and display sector. By using laser-written waveguides in glass VitreaLab envisions revolutionary energy-efficient products. Collaborating with display producers and manufactures the first VitreaLab product to reach the market will be a high-quality color and energy-saving backlight for LCDs.
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    Peregrine Technologies

    The Berlin-based company Peregrine provides artificial intelligence from street-level video. A new data-driven approach that will improve traffic safety as well as decrease congestion and emissions in cities worldwide. Peregrine uses latest methods from computer vision and machine learning for deep scene understanding in real-time. Therefore, the team maximizes the value of existing perception systems in today's vehicles and adds their own classification, fusion and scene analytics solutions.
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    ORBEM was created to deliver innovative solutions for two pressing problems in the poultry industry: the wasting of 9 billion infertile eggs and the unnecessary killing of 7 billion 1-day-old male chicks. We are building the ORBEM Genus, A.I. powered imaging technology that classifies eggs in three: infertile, males and females. The Genus combines cutting-edge MRI with advanced deep learning to deliver a contactless, harmless, and fully automated process.
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    With triply it is our goal to reduce environmental pollution and accidents caused by the use of cars. Furthermore, we want to fight migration into cities. Therefore, we offer a web service that automatically plans data-based mobility concepts to introduce new possibilities of on-demand transport for events and at a later stage public transportation in general.
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    Kamioni - Your delivery service for construction materials and more. Kamioni makes bulk goods logistics easy & efficient by connecting supply & demand on a single platform. To reach this goal, we develop web- & mobile apps with which we coordinate the involved parties, so they can benefit from network effects & transportation data mining. We are starting out with the construction industry by bringing construction companies and freight forwarders together, to increase truck utilization and make construction projects more efficient.
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    By retrofitting existing solar panels into ready-to-go one-unit power systems we can provide affordable, reliable and clean energy to last-mile communities. In urban environments our charging stations already deliver easy access to electricity for handheld devices and micro e-mobility. By combining renewable energy generation with circular economy sourcing we can power the world without consuming the Earth.
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    To become carbon neutral by mid century, we firstly have to avoid emissions wherever possible and secondly remove all residual emissions from the atmosphere for sectors where this is not possible. In order to achieve the necessary levels of carbon dioxide removal, a whole new global industry has started to emerge. In this emerging carbon dioxide removal industry, Neustark is set to offer the first solution to capture and permanently store CO2 in just one step. Through Neustark's carbon mineralization process, negative emissions are created as atmospheric CO2 is converted into solid rock by being contacted with demolished concrete. Our technology has been developed at ETH Zurich since 2017 and will be deployed for pilot tests at a commercial concrete plant in spring 2019. The products of our technology are CO2 certificates, as well circular construction aggregates of superior quality.
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    qCoat is an industrial tech start-up providing advanced polymer membranes for water and wastewater filtration equipment to enable cost effective water treatment. Improved performance of the membrane is achieved by deposition of a suitable functional layer which prevents membrane fouling and results in lower operational and maintenance expenses. Water purification end-users will enjoy more clean water for less energy. Our platform technology is capable of providing additional functional layers on flexible polymer membranes developed to fulfill industrial requirements in other filtration and separation market segments.
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    Bloom Biorenewables

    Bloom is a Swiss chemical company which mines high-value chemicals in agroforestry wastes streams with unprecedented efficiency. Bloom develops bio-economy by providing cost-competitive renewable alternative to fossil resources.
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    We have developed a new technology, called Waterjade, capable of predicting water resources at high resolution, both in terms of snow and river discharge. Differently from other competitive technologies, Waterjade integrates multiple sources of data, like in-situ stations, numerical weather predictions and satellite data. The advantages are increased accuracy and scalability to ungauged basins. We serve hydropower companies with a service of snow monitoring upstream the production plants, so they can estimate the energy that is likely to be produced in the long run, and a service of short-term inflow predictions, useful to optimize the energy trading.
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    We are using AI to find better Concrete Mixtures faster and cheaper. Our software can automatically find stronger/more efficient mixtures, either optimizing existing concrete mixtures or virtually designing and simulating new ones with new materials. We reduce time and costs to validate new mixtures up to 90%! Mixtures we found during POC where 6x better than existing ones and had 30% less CO2.
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    Rebel Meat

    We offer a healthy and sustainable solution to reduce meat intake while maintaining the sensory experience and nutritional value of meat: a plant-based meat enhancer that replaces up to 70% of minced meat in dishes like burger patties. Our unique recipe consists of cooked mushrooms to replicate the meaty texture, plant proteins to complement the amino acid profile of meat and umami-rich spices such as tomato paste and fried onions that round up the taste.
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    With our composting-toilets want to kick chemical toilets - worldwide and even be a proper alternative for water-closets. We have a very mobile Solution which has a lot of advantages - the most impressive is probably the possibility of reuse the collected waste as toxic free fertilizer.
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    Beamler is a software company specialized in minimizing operational constraints across the 3D printing industry. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of our clients by offering a variety of 3D printing solutions that empower them to reap the benefits of large scale 3D printing.