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  • Faunder Energy GmbH

    Faunder is building sensor networks to monitor energy appliances and control them more efficiently

    With CAALA® architects can calculate and compare in seconds millions of building variants with regards to energy demand, CO2-emissions, investment and operational costs. Our SaaS solution assists architects in optimizing building designs in the early development phases by providing life cycle assessment on design variants considering all relevant design parameters. With CAALA the environmental footprint can be lowered (up to 40% less CO2-emissions) and the value of the building project increased (up to 30% less life-cycle costs).
  • Enway GmbH

    We are currently developing our first full scale product and plan to demonstrate it publicly in summer 2017. Our expertise is in software enigneering and machine learning. Enway is entirely self-funded and would like to raise our first investment round in autumn 2017.
    Enway collaborates with vehicle manufacturers and has two main revenue streams: Sofware licensing and business support. We jointly develop autonomous sweepers and enable end-customers to save up to 45% per m² cleaned. This allows us to charge up to 100'000 EUR per vehicle sold for our technology. enway
  • Humphry

    Humphry creates clean powertrains for boats based on hydrogen fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries. With cheap and powerful automotive components Humphry powertrains offer better performance, with unmatched operating cost and no direct emissions. The modular architecture enables applications ranging from small recreational boats to commercial passenger vessels. By changing the way boats are powered, Humphry strongly contributes to the decarbonisation of maritime transportation.
    DAVY develops, produces and supports powertrains which are sold to ship yards & boat manufacturers (B2B). Profit is generated by the margin of approx. 30 % on every unit sold and additional 40 % of service-related revenues
  • Greenwell2Greenhouse

    The core solution is to use existing high value resources (wells that are several 1000 meters deep) and instead of abandoning them to re-use them for the generation of geothermal energy. By that, geothermal heat becomes available at competitive prices to farmers to substitute fossil fuel. This further allows increasing the ability to self-supply with vegetables and fruits in Central or Northern European cities during colder periods. Thus, large amounts of transportation-related GHG emissions can be eliminated.

  • Hawa Dawa

    Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk of our time. More than 90% of all cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants do not uphold WHO air quality guidelines, causing millions of premature deaths every year. Fixing this problem requires a vast amount of air quality data, which traditional solutions cannot yield. Hawa Dawa developed a new bottom-up air quality monitoring technique that provides remote, real-time & in-situ air quality data anywhere & anytime. Risk-groups, such as Asthmatics, COPD patients, children and pregnant women can finally control their air pollution exposure, while policy makers can make impactful and informed decisions to improve urban air quality. At the heart of our solution lays our CE-certified sensor node, which has been endorsed by top industry scientists as being both accurate and state-of-the-art. Combined with artificial intelligence, it is a
  • Infinite Fingers GmbH

    Cloud-based Monitoring and Control Solutions for Off-Grid Power Systems<br>We help off-grid operators to keep systems up & running for their entire lifespan by offering a platform which can integrate technology from any manufacturer.<br>
    By streamlining data analysis and visualization into a single platform, we enable detailed understanding of the whole system as well as remote management and configuration
  • Nano-Join GmbH

    We have the green alternative to solder, which has superior properties to those interconnections made from lead/tin-solder! Our
    sinter paste can be processed on using the exact same machines as in the former used soldering processes, but the resulting
    products are green and long life approved.
    We improve the heat issues by factor 20, improve the resitance by factor 12 and therefore can prolong the lifetime of electronic
    components up to 10 times!

    Let's change cities.
    NÜWIEL's vision is to free cities from traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.
    We produce e-powered bicycle trailers for the last mile delivery.
    NÜWIEL's unique technology enables the trailer to know exactly when to accelerate, decelerate and brake. The trailer takes the load away and empowers you to freely move through the city you live in.
  • SirPlus UG (haftungsbeschränkt) i.G.

    SirPlus massively saves and reduces B2B surplus food by matching supply and demand efficiently through our secondary market (digital marketplace) for surplus food. We bring wonky and expired food back into the circular economy (B2C & B2B).
    We receive surplus food from retailers, logistics players and producers for free and sell it at discount prices through our store, delivery and online shop. Of all food provided to us, we will distribute 20% to NGOs for free.
    We have received a €100k loan to start operations and convinced 4 major supply partners who committed us surplus food worth 6-7 digits in 2017. Further, we have acquired a strong same-day-delivery partner in Berlin. Our aim is to save >500 tons of food in 2017. Overall, there is huge potential in the EU with 50% food waste while >40% of it is still eatable, thus a theoretical market potential of food worth >40 bn €.
  • twingz development GmbH

    To make the next generation demand response with smart loads a reality, twingz offers eInsight services family which is a stack of SaaS RESTful IT Services which allow corporations to track critical information paths and act on analytical prediction services. This makes available up to 80% better day ahead prediction which in turn can be leveraged to save millions of energy costs for energy companies.
    With eInsight FF corporations can access fast and fresh data streams of any meter / sensor they have in field. eInsight 2D adds “per appliance meta data” and offer a SaaS day ahead predictor based on that. E.g. to be aware and predict activity of car charging sites in field without necessity of deploying additional sensors. With twingz eInsight 3D we add socio-demographic data and behavioural analysis to make predictions even better and also finetune “the weight and impact”
  • Made of Air

    Green house gases are a problem. But also a resource. Made of Air has invented a material that harnesses excess carbon in our atmosphere and puts it to work as a building material. Generated with net negative CO2 emissions. Applied to the construction industry, this material significantly lowers the carbon balance of building projects, and sustainably meets the construction demand of our increasing cities.
  • SeedForward

    SeedForward is an agricultural innovation start-up, focusing on solutions for a climate resilient and sustainable agriculture. Developing non-chemical seed products, SeedForward will tackle the worldwide agriculture market.
  • Vinculum

    Vinculum is a fintech startup based in Berlin and we are exploring novel ways of using technology to improve the delivery of rural financing in emerging countries. The developed Proof of Concept consists of a Data Science - Machine Learning approach to determine "capacity and willingness" to pay for financial services among coffee farmers in Nicaragua. This is a first part of the bigger vision to scale climate-smart financial services in agriculture.
  • HyperSurvey

    HyperSurvey produces a unique and cost-efficient seafloor mapping technology: the HyperDiver. With this technology, the effects of climate change are visualised, interpreted and thus appropriate action can be taken. HyperSurvey aims to become the standard in seafloor monitoring.
  • Humphry Marine

    Humphry Marine develops zero emission propulsion systems for boats. The solution is based on fuel cells and a smart controller. It is modular and can be used for a wide range of boats. Humphry Marine is the future of clean maritime propulsion.
  • Nuventura

    Nuventura is on a mission to transfer power to our homes safer, greener and more efficiently. The company pioneers in the research and development of innovative power grid technology and licenses its innovative intellectual property to a global network of production partners. By centralizing its knowledge, Nuventura helps to make clean energy technology more accessible.
  • provides opti.node, a Software-as-a-Service for commercial optimization and management of microgrids. opti.node allows industrial and commercial customers to make best use of on-site power production and helps to reduce the energy bill and carbon footprint likewise.
  • Volterion GmbH

    Volterion has developed a new generation of redox-flow batteries and related components for industrial bulk energy storage. By applying novel materials and a fully automated high throughput manufacturing processes for the core battery component "Stack", manufacturing cost of these batteries are reduced by half. Volterion aims to becoming the world’s largest supplier of redox-flow stacks to battery manufacturers.
  • envuco UG

    envuco believes that smart technology must not harm our environment nor be expensive. That is why the team develops a green solution for smarter and more efficient buildings. Thanks to envuco's energy harvesting technology, their automated building products are simple to be installed and run without conventional batteries or cables.
  • envelio GmbH

    The energy transition requires more flexible energy grids to integrate millions of renewable energy resources. Grid operators’ IT systems and processes are not ready for this challenge. envelio provides the software as a service solution "Intelligent Grid Platform" to assist grid operators in the next phase of the energy transition.
  • Acrai

    Acrai has the vision to make agriculture more sustainable and efficient. In a first step, Acrai aims to disrupt the $26B herbicides industry. Acrai builds autonomous robots for non-chemical weed removal.
  • CipLap

    CIPLAB has the vision to revolutionize lifecycles of complex technical products by creating digital twins for the multi-billion battery market. Therefore CIPLAB developed a unique combination of hardware for real-time battery data acquisition and pre-processing as well as an analytics software platform for model-based calculation, prediction and optimization of battery conditions.
  • Novamet Sàrl

    Recycling and remelting of Al alloys involve large amounts of energy and CO2 release. Novamet develops an artificial intelligence to optimize melting process, based on online data acquisition and efficient numerical modelling, This reduces cycle times, energy consumption, costs and significantly the CO2 emissions!
  • MeduSoil

    MeduSoil engineers strong, resistant foundation soils to build on. This product targets construction projects and offers performant solutions for fast and long-lasting earth stabilization. MeduSoil incorporates next generation geo-membranes in conventional practice, combining technical innovation with economic efficiency.

    Two thirds of all food thrown away could be avoided. Reducing avoidable food waste prevents unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and helps restaurants to operate more cost efficiently. KITRO tackles this issue, by providing an automatic food waste management solution for the food and beverage industry. KITRO’s goal is to change the way that food waste is handled and brings back the value of food.
  • Daphne Technology

    Daphne Technology's NanoScrubber solution helps commercial ship to reduce toxic air emissions and meet international regulations in a cost-efficient manner. With this technology the marine industry can use the most inexpensive fuels available while being always compliant and avoiding toxic emissions.
  • Embion Technologies SA

    Embion Technologies develops a novel, efficient catalytic technology turning industrial food and agro-waste into specialty sugars and chemicals, substantially reducing capital and operating costs. Embion aims to become the leading technology in efficient utilization of our earth's plant-based resources.
  • doro Turbinen GmbH

    The doro turbine is able to exploit previously untapped hydropower potentials with heads below 3 metres. This newly developed hydropower converter for run-of-river applications is capable of being integrated with minor structural adaptions and an unprecedented low ecologic footprint. doro turbine is focusing on the mechanical and electrotechnical implementation of the first full-scale doro powerplant.
  • Refurbed GmbH

    Refurbed is an online-marketplace for refurbished electronics that allows customers to buy refurbished products from selected merchants. The products are of high quality, having at least a 1-year warranty, significantly cheaper than new products and highly sustainable. In the future, Refurbed aims to cover nearly all electronic products to address the big hidden environmental issue: e-waste.
  • Fleetport helps you save money, fight fraud and comply with the law by making your fleet's energy consumption data accessible. As it's currently nearly impossible for a multinational corporation to keep track of their fleet's fuel and energy consumption, fleetport aims to provide a solution that makes it easy for you to monitor the data and cut down on costs and expenses.
  • Sonnenklee

    In order to make CO2 neutral straw bale buildings widely available to a variety of customers, Sonnenklee is developing a new preparation techniques for the construction. Together with architects and building contractors, Sonnenklee brings their certified straw insulation product on the market and is looking forward to change the industries' negative impact.
  • Vienna Textile Lab

    Vienna Textile Lab matches design and new technologies, producing natural dyes made from bacteria. On an industrial scale the use of bacterial dyes is reducing CO2 production, and severely reduces toxic waste from the textile industry. Vienna Textile Lab aims to provide a real alternative to synthetic dyes made from crude oil substances.